Businesses  are accelerating their efforts to implement digital workplaces that enable new and more powerful ways to work, anywhere, anytime, on any device. And the journey to becoming a high-performance digital workplace starts with a  robust digital workplace tool suite.

In today’s digital world you want an integrated solution that takes advantage of the latest platforms, cloud and mobile technologies to help drive business value and increase your competitive advantage. Whether you are considering enterprise resource planning (ERP), process automation, intelligent web services, and/or data driven measurements, WebPMO’s Digital  Workplace Infrastructure Solutions help make the transformation to a digital workplace platform easier than ever.

With hundreds of successful workplace implementations, we have the expertise to help you create a robust and cost-effective strategy. Whatever your needs, you can rely on us to develop a plan and implement it successfully.

We look at your workplace holistically and can help you implement a strategic workplace transformation roadmap across user mobility, collaboration, cloud applications, project management, enterprise resource planning, task management, workflows, data, and infrastructure to achieve real business results in today’s digital world.

We combine proven methodologies and assets, along with extensive expertise and innovation in cloud computing, to deliver and manage your digital workplace ecosystem in ways such as:
  • Define staff workflows and develop the cloud based tools to help you staff work smarter and faster
  • Free your staff from desks, from manual tasks and from daily inefficiencies 
  • Empower your staff to work smarter, become more efficient, and feel more involved in their tasks
  • Build in transparent measurements and data analysis to optimize processes and improvements
  • Lower overall operational and capital expenditure costs while improving business productivity and efficiency
  •  Speed the transition to new applications with proven application and data migration frameworks and zero-touch deployment services
Our Concierge Style Digital  Workplace Infrastructure Solutions bring you the Cloud based  tools, customization and workflows you need to manage & automate your programs, projects and daily tasks. From dashboards to automated tasks, its all here for you.
  • Customer oriented, professional staff who define, create and modify your cloud based tools
  • Concierge style support with dedicated people that you and your team enjoy working with
  • Customer need specific tools, never “one size fits all”
  • Custom specific online training and guidance
  • 100% U.S. based staff
  • Secure systems and access
  • Cost conscience and effective services that keep your costs low
  • Full project life-cycle support
  • Cancel the service anytime
  • After project completion: file and data retention services

We offer visualizations of your data so you can have real-time graphs and charts with a current status of your projects.

Everything is visible from everywhere via our secure web views, iPhone and Android Apps.

Here are some of the WebPMO Apps we've built and customized for our customers:

Enterprise Resource Management
  • Product Planning
  • Manufacturing 
  • Service Delivery
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping
  • Payment
  • Business Intelligence
  • Asset Management
  • e-Commerce
  • Customer tracking
Program Management
  • Timesheets
  • Expense tracking
  • Master schedule
  • Deliverables schedule
  • Requirements traceability tool
  • Cost and budget tracking
  • Cost containment tool
  • Multi-project roll-up

Project Management
  • Project Schedule(s)
  • Dynamic Gantt charts
  • Automated task assignment tools
  • Comment fields (social media styled comment section)
  • Dynamic reporting script tool
  • Data Audit Check-off App
Workflow automation
  • Send automatic email acknowledgements
  • Create charts and graphs from stored data
  • Offer webforms and automated replies
  • Create email lists from customer inquiries
  • Perform automated data mining tasks

Field Services Management
  • Individual assignment Apps
  • Assignment status and scheduling tools
  • Pre-site visit questionnaire and webforms
  • As-Built Data Collection App (Mobile view)
  • Customer scheduling notification App
  • Post Field service questionnaire and webform
  • Position posting tracker
  • Positions
  • Resume tracker
  • Skills miner
  • Sales traceability
  • Interview/hire process tracker
  • New hire packages
  • HR hand-off
  • EEOC compliance tracker
Knowledge Base and Team Training
  • Project goals and general duties
  • Pre-Install training videos
  • Installation guides and online videos (for use on-site)
  • Online testing webform
  • Video conference tool
  • Help desk ticket tool with photo and video clip upload capability

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