Drone Services

Professional Drone Services

High Resolution Aerial Imagery, Videography and Commercial Drone Services at an Affordable Price.

Simtec offers our customers a variety of drone based services.  We use these to both augment our production work and to provide drone specific commercial technology services for our customers.

Drone based Videography

Drone are most commonly known for their abilities to provide incredible aerial videography.  Our drone pilots can capture, edit and integrate drone footage to enhance your videos by bringing in the ‘big picture’ to your work.

Our production team can further edit and incorporate drone footage into your video project for the best cinematic effect possible.

Drones in Surveying, Inspection and Construction

Less common to the average person, but rapidly growing the commercial services is the use of drones in managing construction work, inspecting construction sites, surveying land areas, measuring large features from the air, and verifying map and land plat data.
At High Water, we employ FAA licensed drone pilots with specific commercial skills to survey, map and inspect a variety of land feature types.  Our team also works in conjunction with licensed surveyors and inspectors to function as their ‘pilot’ while they perform their tasks from the video feed, and direct our pilots.

We can work similarly with your staff, allowing them to do their jobs, while we fly the drones, get airspace approvals, and provide the drone platforms.

Local and Remote Drone Services

We currently offer local drone videography and commercial drone services in the DC Metro and Richmond, Virginia areas.

We also can schedule work at remote locations with advanced notice and minimal up-charge for travel. Our remote drone support staff are available for field research projects worldwide.

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