About Simtec

Simtec Global, LLC (Simtec) was founded in 1998 as a communications infrastructure design company servicing Federal and Commercial clients.  In 2005, Simtec converted to an LLC and expanded into systems engineering, information assurance, and emerging technologies consulting services.   This multidisciplinary approach was built upon Simtec’s strengths in delivering cost effective and well documented engineering services. Simtec is a veteran owned, Virginia Incorporated, small business located in Arlington, VA.

In 2014, Simtec started is subsidiary, WebPMO, a full-service Process automation, Program and Project based support company built around Cloud Computing tools and next generation methods of project support services termed ‘Concierge Style Project Management’. Click here for more information on WebPMO.

In 2018, Simtec added both Commercial Drone Services, and in partnership with High Water Productions, now offers advanced video production and scientific data visualizations in video formats.

Simtec offers program specific engineering and subject matter expert (SME) services that augment our customer’s engineering organizations with well-seasoned engineering staff.  Simtec offers its engineering services in emerging technologies, Cloud computing, secure computing, information assurance, data center design, and architecture of large-scale communications infrastructure environments.

Some of our service areas are:

Emerging Technologies Consulting

Simtec’s Emerging Technologies Practice is an informational and product review service that seeks to accelerate the introduction of innovative information technologies, applications and management tools by our customers.  Emerging Technologies are considered those technologies that are new to the marketplace, provide new concepts in the use of an existing technology, or although available in the marketplace have not yet been readily adopted by customers. Specialties include: Wireless, Mobile, LMR, network security and optical networks.  Simtec has authored white papers on Emerging Technologies for both DHS and TSA.

Cyber Security

Simtec’s staff performed Security Architecture and Engineering support for the Executive Office of the President (EOP), and the National Archives (NARA).  Simtec is helping federal, state and local entities, as well as financial services companies, secure both network and application infrastructures.  Simtec also assists systems and software development teams in achieving FISMA compliance (Public Law 107), and various other industry requirements - NIST 800-3, PCI, HIPAA etc., as required.  

Simtec has Security Architects who provide penetration testing of customers’ software and systems, to aid customers in developing secure application structures that leverage secure design principles and federal mandates.  Simtec's Security Architects also perform software code reviews and Static code analysis in order to find security issues in coding practices

Cloud Computing Support Services

Simtec’s Amazon Web Services design team offers AWS Systems Engineering and support on an ad hoc, part-time and full-time basis.  We also offer some JAVA development support.  We can provide Solutions Architecture on a variety of AWS project types.

Simtec’s FirstNet911 group offers Public Safety technology consulting services that range from dispatching systems to interoperability and interface design between public safety entities. FirstNet911 also offers design work for LTE-A implementations. Click here for more information.

Simtec offers Amazon Seller Support Services to assist small and medium business that are selling products on Amazon. For Sellers we offer strategy, advice and support on a retainer, or ad hoc basis. We can assist you in working through the quirkiness of Amazon Seller Central.  We also offer price tracking tools, inventory management tools and other custom/semi-custom cloud based tools.

Commercial Drone Services

Construction, survey and inspection support of work sites has become one of the fastest growing areas for drone usage.  Beyond taking photos and videos, drone imagery is used in everything from pre-bid, progress tracking, environmental documentation, and approvals of project work.

Simtec offers drone services that are mission specific to the customers' needs.  We can focus on cinematic quality, survey details, and/or scientific data extraction characteristics. 

We offer services nationwide, with staff local to the DC Metro and Richmond Virginia Metro areas.

Scientific Data Visualizations

Simtec’s Amazon Web Services design team offers AWS Systems Engineering and support on an ad hoc, part-time and full-time basis.  We also offer some JAVA development support.  We can provide Solutions Architecture on a variety of AWS project types.

Staffing Services Support

Simtec’s depth of knowledge in supporting staffing tools in the Cloud is one of our major strengths

Simtec can support full service recruiting organization and programs with low risk staff for IT and technology positions. Simtec provides ongoing support for staff in knowledge bases, training and human resources needs.

·        We have access to staff on many federal and DoD programs
·        We provide transparent tools to match candidate skills to position descriptions
·        We provide the interview and feedback tools in a cloud based system so HR staff do not need to maintain records of candidate interviews and status
·        We provide an archive of past interviews so that potential future positions can reference past candidates.
·        We measure everything. Included in our Cloud based tools, we provide counts, completion status and semi-custom reporting in real-time.

We maintain central knowledge bases, resume databases, and matching tools.  All services are available on client web browsers and mobile devices.  Transparency in recruiting is our goal