Why did we create WebPMO?

WebPMO is dedicated to assisting companies in building and maintaining Cloud based Program and Project Management applications and tools.

The Problem

In today’s business environment, program and project management are expensive oversight tasks that can heavily tax staff resources. The oversight work in managing projects erodes profits and can make companies less competitive.

IT support tools are usually complex and expensive to build.  Cloud based solutions can save money, but require expertise and many 'unknowns'. Both Cloud based and traditional IT tools impact the profitability of projects and requires skilled support staff to create and maintain the tools.

Tracking schedules, deliverables and retaining an archive of the project require resources and even more costs.

No matter what the project size or scope; Project support staff, IT resources and software costs increase the cost of managing projects.

The WebPMO Mission

Our mission is to provide secure, reliable and flexible internet based Program, Project, and CRM tools in combination with our Concierge style support model that gives you the highest quality tools and expertise at the lowest possible price.

Our Solution

Our solutions combine staff who are trained to act as your Project Concierge- creating and customizing your PM tools. Through our Secure Cloud Computing Platforms you have access to your project tools from anywhere, via any device, including tablets and smartphones.

WebPMO offers the following key advantages to both the government and commercial organizations:

·      With WebPMO, the startup cost of the PMO hosted environment is usually less than $2000.
·      With WebPMO, the need to license, maintain and upgrade software is completely removed
·      With WebPMO, the delivery, archiving, transfer of data, status reports, data analysis, business analysis and program measurements are all built right into the tool suite
·      With WebPMO, tools, reports and dashboards can be created, customized and exported as desired by your Project concierge to meet the needs of your team, your customers and your management.
·        With WebPMO, transferring the data to the customer or government is as easy as adding system logins and permissions.

Customer Value

WebPMO can save your project team hundreds or even thousands of dollars in managing your projects.

Project Webtools are created inexpensively and quickly to your specifications, matching how you work. They are customized by our staff to meet your needs, and your workflows.

Assistance with organizing meetings, taking notes and assigning tasks is always available to reduce your work load and keep you organized.

WebPMO™ Value to Businesses

Businesses are working hard to find ways to reduce the administrative costs of projects to maintain a competitive edge. However they fear offering something that is new or different. 

WebPMO's combination of Secure and reliable tools, with the expertise to make them perform as your team requires, reduces your risk and increases your competitive edge.

WebPMO™ Value to the Government

Government contractors are working hard to find ways to reduce the administrative costs of contracts so they may be more competitive. However they fear offering something the government might find new and untested. Therefore it is rejected in either bid submissions or after contract award. 

Government contract managers are working hard to find ways to reduce contract costs and still get the best value solution that meets the stakeholders needs, while reducing the level of effort stakeholders are required to provide as their project load increases.

WebPMO works to quantify the standards, reduce risk and save everyone money.

How to stipulate WebPMO services in your next RFP

For commercial and government procurement offices, implementing Webpmo may just be as simple as adding the requirement to RFPs for “a Cloud based, secure Program Management tool suit that meets current best practices for PMO management, meets base level Authority to Operate Security Specifications, and which ownership of the service and all logins shall be transferred the customer/government at the end of the contract.

If saving money and adding features to your PMO is part of your 2014 contracting goals, then make WebPMO part of your next RFP.

Sample Scenario - A Small Project

Utilizing the WebPMO basic package, a property management company wants to manage a remodeling project of a floor of an office building. The customer typically would use Excel, Microsoft Project, and many, many emails. Files are shared via email and the author of files keeps them on their local computer that is backed up or might use Dropbox. 

The problem with this model is that the project manager has a good understanding of the project, but it's very hard for the PM to easily convey this knowledge without re-hashing the task list again and again.  Changes are emailed and acknowledgements and comments are lost in email chains. 

Lastly, a great deal of time is spent coordinating, presenting, monitoring and confirming tasks. 

The cost in manpower to manage the project is about 300 man-hours. Lessons learned are gained only by the project lead. Files are eventually lost or filed where they are not readily available. 

Enter WebPMO. 

For under $2000 (less than two weeks pay for your most junior property manager) a professional cloud based program support analyst will interview your team and create the tools you need to manage your project. Ongoing support options give you continual modifications, unlimited storage, and multiple users and ubiquitous access from PCs, tablets and smart phones anywhere in the world.